My first quilt & a yummy scrapbooking kit heading my way!!

Hello ladies! I can’t believe we’re already into August!! How is your summer going?! We’ve been busy here and enjoying our fabulous summer while it lasts! For those of you not in Canada, there are two seasons here… Winter & Construction! ;) So while our city is getting overhauls here & there, with what seems like detours at every corner, it can make it a bit hard to get around sometimes, but we’ve been going to some great movies, park festivals, doing lots of swimming, playing outside, enjoying time with friends, etc…. Before we know it fall will be here! So enjoy your summer weather while it lasts!

Yesterday I completed my first “real” size quilt! It’s didn’t turn out *exactly* as I ad hoped, I hit a few bumps in the road along the way, but is DONE! And I’m ready to move onto a new project!!

Ok, here it is, in all it’s wrinkled glory! My daughter grabbed it & slept with it the minute after I was done!! lol!

The fabric is Spring Street fabric by Carolyn Gavin. I love anything bright & fun, so this bundle of fabric ad my name all over it! ;)

Now, lest everyone think I’ve given up scrapping for good, I haven’t. I just needed a breather, to make scrapbooking & card making for *me* once again. I’ve resigned from all my Design Teams and will scrap as the mood strikes… ;)

I found a new kit that specializes in making Boys kits!! My oldest is a boy, he’ll be turning 17 at the end of September and I have some wonderful photos I’d like to scrap while I still have my “baby” home with me! Enter Boys Rule Scrapbooking Kits! The current kits are so much fun & I can hardly wait to get my kit and dig in!!!

Here are a couple pics I “borrowed” from the blog… ;) The top is the “Big Boy” kit, and the bottom kit is the “Little Boy” kit… aren’t they awesome?!

I’ll post pics when I get my kit & share my creations with you! :)

So have you been creating this summer? If so, please link me up to your favourite creation, I’d love to see!! :)

Have a great day!

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5 Responses to My first quilt & a yummy scrapbooking kit heading my way!!

  1. Laura-Lee Audit says:

    Awesome quilt!! You will have to give my some pointers!!

  2. Oh Carla that is just too cute, you did a fantastic job and it is perfect for a kids quilt, I can see why your daughter was drawn to it, can’t wait to see what you do next :)

  3. LoriT. says:

    The quilt is absolutely gorgeous!! :)

  4. melody says:

    wow carla ~ what a BEAUTIFUL quilt! love it! so glad you shared it! i’m sure your family will thoroughly enjoy your finished projects in the future, too!

    i totally hear you about doing scrapbooking for ‘me’..and resigning from dt positions. it’s great to be able to scrap…when the mood is right and not have to fullfill it for anyone…you go girl! i’m sure they’ll miss you though…your work is amazing!

    can’t wait to see your future work.

  5. Carla says:

    Ok, I had no idea that quilting could be so beautiful! I want to learn!!!

    We have been having a fantastic summer here in Canada this year, haven’t we!!!

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